Leadership (Pastor)


Senior Pastor Minchul Kim

Pastor Minchul Kim has been serving Risen Church as a pastor since August 2014, preceded by pastor Sung Jun Shim. He came to the United States in 2008 from South Korea. He is currently a PhD candidate at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, majoring missiology. He is interested in diaspora missions where God is putting together the puzzle of God’s redemptive work by gathering and scattering of peoples across the earth. Pastor Kim believes that Risen Church is a part of God’s redemptive mission field through diaspora. Some of his hobbies include fishing and racquetball. He has been married to his wife Mihyun Yu for nine years with two children: Yejune and Hajune.    


Phil Hall (Shepherd)


Phil serves as a shepherd to an adult group. He has been married to Sarah with two beautiful daughters. He loves fishing. 

Sarah Hall (KLS)


Sarah serves as a principal for Korean Language School at Risen Church. She works as a student advisor at UNT. 

Josh Kim (Shepherd)


Josh is a shepherd to an young adult group. He has been to China for mission trip for a year. He also serves as a treasurer at the church. 

Crystal Solano (Worship)


Crystal serves praise and worship team.

Josh Kim (Shepherd)


Josh serves as a shepherd to a college group. He loves rock climbing. 


Nick Russell (Campus)


Nick leads Risen Collegiate at UNT as a missionary.

James Jeong (Worship)


James serves praise and worship team. 

Natalie Menendez (Shepherd)


Natalie serves as shepherd to women's life group.