Recent Messages

 May 12th, Wounded for Good (Genesis 37:1-11) Pastor Minchul

May 5th, Returning to Bethel (Genesis 35:1-7) Pastor Minchul Kim    

April 21st, Surrendering to God (Genesis 32:13-28) Pastor Minchul Kim  

April 14th, The Unloved Wife and the Unloved King (Genesis 29:31-35) Pastor Minchul Kim 

*Palm Sunday Service with the Lord's Supper*

April 18th, 사랑받지 못한 아내와 사랑받지 못한 왕 (창세기 29:31-35) 김민철 목사

April 7th, God's Training School for Jacob (Genesis 28:16-30) Pastor Minchul Kim

*Outdoor worship Service and picnic*

March 31st, Encountering God when you hit rock bottom (Genesis 28:10-22) Pastor Minchul Kim

March 24th, What is your Focus? (Genesis 25:19-34) Pastor Minchul Kim 

March 17th, Faith like Abraham (Galatians 3:6-14) Pastor Jeff Wiensner (North Point Baptist Church)

March 10th, Live by Spirit (Romans 8:1-9) Pastor Minchul Kim 

*Gospel Sunday Service* 

March 3rd, Trusting God in your Moriah (Genesis 22:1-14) Pastor Minchul Kim 

February 24th, Faith that Conquers Fear (Genesis 15:1-6) Pastor Minchul Kim 

February 17th, The Tower of Pride (Genesis 11:1-9) Pastor Minchul Kim

February 10th, God's Covenant with Noah (Genesis 6:1-14) Pastor Minchul Kim 

February 3rd, The Forbidden Tree (Genesis 3:1-15) Pastor Minchul Kim 

January 27th, Let there be light (Genesis 1:1-3) Pastor Minchul Kim

January 20th, Call of Abraham (Genesis 12:1-5) Pastor Minchul Kim

January 6th, Be strong and very courageous (Joshua 1:1-9) Pastor Minchul Kim 

December 31st, Let us arise and rebuild (Ezra 4:23-5:5) Pastor Minchul Kim