Recent Messages

December 11th, Watch and Pray (Mark 14:32-38) Pastor Minchul Kim 

 December 2nd, Our Weakness and His Faithfulness (Mark 14:26-31) Pastor Minchul Kim 

*This sermon was not recorded fully.

November 25th, Extravagant Love for Jesus (Mark 14:1-14) Pastor Minchul Kim

November 18th, Don't Forget the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 8:10-18)  Pastor Minchul Kim 

November 11th, Are you ready for the coming of Jesus? (Mark 13:28-37) Pastor Minchul Kim 

October 28th, Love God and Love Others (Mark 12:28-31) Pastor Minchul Kim 

October 21st, Come all who are weary (Matthew 11:28-30) Pastor Minchul Kim 

October 7th, Living a fruitful life (Mark 11:12-26) Pastor Minchul Kim

September 30th, The Lord Needs it (Mark 11:1-10) Pastor Minchul Kim 

September 23th, Open my eyes that I may see (Mark 10:46-52) Pastor Minchul  Kim 

September 16th, Crossing the Line (Luke 21:1-4) Dr. Jeffrey Steed

September 9th, One thing you lack (Mark 10:17-27) Pastor Minchul Kim  

August 26th, Run the Race of Faith (Hebrews 12:1-3) Pastor Minchul Kim   

August 19th, Alll things are possible: Temptation to rely on ourseles (Mark 9:14-29) Pastor Minchul Kim 

 August 5th, Seeing Christ Clearly (Mark 8:22-35) Pastor Minchul Kim

July 29th, Changing from the Inside out (Mark 7:1-7/14/23) Pastor Minchul Kim

July 22nd, Following Jesus through storm (Mark 6:45-56) Pastor Minchul Kim

July 15th, Feeding People the Bread of Life (Mark 6:30-44) Pastor Minchul Kim

June 24th, Don't be afraid but only believe (Mark 5:21-43) Pastor Minchul Kim